The maestro workflow engine has been released for Drupal 7 and is available for download from

Any process that requires review and approvals can now be automated. From requirements as simple as the permission to publish, to complex engineering change requests, maestro can provide routing, control and visibility every step of the way.

Maestro is a workflow engine that allows you to create and automate a sequence of tasks representing any business process. If it can be flow-charted, then it can be automated. Workflows typically include the movement of documents or forms for editing and review/approval. A number of condition checks (if statements) can be incorporated through simple admin functions and without any coding. Complex business processes which include parallel approvals and serial grouping of tasks with dynamic routing can be modeled. A number of task functions can be created to perform either interactive or batch tasks.

The intuitive 'Task Console' provides users with the flexibility to review all assigned work with complete visibility to all stages. The Task Console shows the user their assigned tasks and allows them to see the task history as well as any associated documents or forms. Assignment options allow tasks to be delegated by 'role' or predefined user or even multiple owners. Workflow Administrators can have extra permissions to re-assign tasks, trace workflow and send reminders.

Please contact us for more information on nexflow and how it could be used for your application requirements.


Using maestro to define your process could not be easier. A simple drag and drop function allows you to manipulate step icons to define your application. Defining the attributes of each process step enables workflow logic to perform the tasks. The following video helps to illustrate this feature.


key features

Multiple Task Types: Rich task type options to create complex workflows including a variety of conditional testing, interactive and batch tasks.

Metrics: Detail process metrics captured for all date/times tasks were assigned, started and completed. All are viewable online as part of each process detail instance

Web Performance: Use of Ajax for Task Console and Workflow Editor to improve the interaction and usability..

Flexibility: Support for regenerated Workflows where you need to loop back in a Workflow Process.

Graphical Interface: Complex business processes can be automated easily and quickly through simple 'mouse clicks'.

Routing Options: Task assignment by 'role' allows a single Workflow to route tasks to users based on their role and other variables like posted form fields.

Real-Life Functions: Personalized user I'm away feature allows tasks to automatically be reassigned during a 'user set period' to their assigned backup and selectively reclaim them upon return.

Reporting: Flexible reporting feature allows viewing of process details including all task history, task comments captured live by task owners and forms used in the process Workflow.

Admin Functions: Administrative tools to trace Workflows, reassign tasks, send reminders, delete tasks and switch users to view and execute tasks in test mode as other users.