While our emphases is on custom development, our years of experience with open source applications have enabled us to create products and tools that have significant re-use appeal.

There are a range of products and tools that are available from Nextide. Some have cross industry appeal and acceptance while others have evolved inside specific industries.

While all these products are open source, some are contributed at no charge while others may either have a nominal license cost or one time fee.

Where ever possible we look for the opportunity to introduce these products into our solution design with the sole intent to lower cost, reduce time and improve user acceptance.

contributed solutions for collaboration

Nextide has been active in support of the open source community and in its spirit of sharing. We offer a number of solutions available for downloading that include:

OS independent desktop management client for filedepot

Complete dekstop management client for filedepot, allowing full management of filedepot from your desktop, including adding, deleting, moving, and reordering files easily and intuitively.

  • filebuilder - OS indepedent filedepot desktop management tool

work automation tools 

The  maestro work automation engine is a tool that we use to dramatically reduce the effort and complexity in developing process based applications. The graphgical design front end permits drag and drop functionality that along with configuration options can generate most of the required code.

broadsoft solutions

We have extensive development experience on both the Broadworks and M6 VoIP platforms from Broadsoft. We have developed many custom applications for VoIP Service Providers with an emphases on operational improvement. Some of these applications have re-use appeal including: