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filedepot top #5 ranking

Capterra has published their Top 20 Document Management Software infographic and we are excited that our filedepot solution for Drupal has earned the #5 spot in the rankings


Nextide is pleased to release our new client upload tool Filebuilder, for Filedepot D6 and D7. This product has been redesigned and enhanced over the D6 windows client. In fact it has been developed in Java to run on any client OS. Convenient drag and drop functionality in a dual viewing pane allows for bulk file uploading and file layout management. Filebuilder requires a minimum Filedepot version of 7.x-1.x or 6.x-1.x. View it now - Filebuilder

filedepot enhancements

Existing filedepot users will benefit from a number of new features being released by Nextide. Enhancements to the document repository include content indexing, support of secure document search functionality utilizing Apache Solr, and a pdf document previewer. Eventually these enhancements will be rolled into the drupal.org download. Contact us to find out more.

maestro workflow engine

The maestro workflow engine has been realeased on D7 and is available for download from Drupal.org. Maestro offers the convenience of a drag and drop graphical interface to easily design the workflow logic and task functions. An intuitive 'task console' provides each user with complete visibility and control over all projects. Find out more about all the capabilities maestro has to offer and preview these video demonstrations.