Drupal Solutions

Our Solutions Illustration

Nextide has successfully launched both external sites and intranet portal solutions for our clients. All in Drupal and all optimized in the Drupal framework the way Drupal has been designed to be used.

While our emphasis is on custom development, our years of experience with applications have enabled us to create products and tools that have significant re-use appeal for client solutions. Regardless of how much we can leverage existing code we have proven skills at requirements gathering to ensure you get cost effective modules and applications. A sampling of some of those applications include:

  • E-commerce
  • Payment Gateways
  • Work automation
  • Event planning
  • Time tracking
  • New product life cycle development
  • Secure data stores
  • E-catalogues
  • Asset management
  • Engineering change requests
  • Customer Service Portals
  • Work Request Tracking
  • Wealth Management
  • Membership Management
  • Video Management
  • Truck Logistics
  • Subscription Management
  • New Employee On-Boarding
  • Help Desk
  • Website Provisioning


Our Workflow module Maestro is a contribution we have maintained for Drupal since the early days of Drupal 7 and first released Dec 2010. This module is a work automation engine is a tool that we use to dramatically reduce the effort and complexity in developing process based applications. The graphical design front end permits drag and drop functionality that along with selection options can generate most of the required code simply through configurations.