Maestro How-To: Fire a Workflow After Saving Content with Rules

A very common use-case for Maestro is to launch a workflow in order to moderate some piece of content. You may have an expense form as a content type and you wish to have a manager review and approve it before handing it off to other departments for processing.

This post will show you how to fire off a moderation workflow after saving content with Rules.


Step 1: Create a simple test flow

I know you have a super-ultra-complex workflow, but this is best to get off the ground with a simple 1 step flow for the time being!


Maestro 1.0 is Now Available

This release fixes the critical outstanding issues with Maestro. There are still some would-likes that will make it into 1.1, which is planned for release candidate around February 18th.

Among all the fixes the most important is the fix for the content type task, which was stalling after uploading a file. Version 1.0 has been fully tested in both MySQL and MSSQL Servers alike. For more information, check out the Maestro page. You can download Maestro on our project page on

Maestro 1.0 RC1 is Available

In light of the recent Drupal 7.0 release, we have finished testing Maestro with D7.0 and are ready to announce the first Maestro release candidate. We will continue to test for bugs, and if no critical issues arise then version 1.0 will be upon us soon!

In particular, this version of Maestro has a number of fixes for MS Sql Server users. For more information on Maestro, check out the Maestro page. You can download Maestro on our project page on

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