With timesaver you have the flexibility of the web to easily record personnel time sheets against projects with virtually unlimited granularity. Manage and track your employees' time with this easy to use, yet powerful timesheet application. Totally web based, this solution allows your employees to enter their timesheets in the office or on the road. If you don't always have access to IP or simply need the prompt to capture activity on a regular basis, then add the timesaver client to your laptop.

The simple and intuitive design lets your employees use the system with minimal training. Configurable timesheet entry periods allow you to tie in your pay periods to the timesheet system. Timesaver provides an easy to use supervisor/manager workflow to access, edit, approve, reject and lock employee timesheets.

Use the out-of-the-box Microsoft Excel reporting capabilities to access critical and timely data on what your employees currently are and have done. Timessaver is combined with listkeeper plug-in to allow administrators to configure customers, projects, activities, and tasks with ease. Supervisor/managers will appreciate the easy to configure delegate timesheet function to allow for delegates to enter timesheets for them.

timesaver video

Key Features

Easy to use interface: A robust, yet easy to use interface allows users to quickly begin using the timesheet system.

Role based security: Configure managers, supervisors, delegates and employees to enable or disable core features presented to the end user.

Workflow: From entry to approvals,from rejections to locks, the timesheet system is configurable to suit your needs.

Excel Reports: Pre-built Excel reports are available out of the box. Customizations are easily done to the report layout.

Permissions: Only allows employees and their delegates and supervisors to view entries. Keeps sensitive information private.

Configuration: Easily create new customers, projects, activities and tasks for use in timesheets.

AJAX Enables intuitive output for streamlined timesheet entry, reporting and approvals.