broadsoft tech tool

The Broadsoft M6 Tech Support Tool provides your technical support team with a web-based application to retrieve detail information about a phone configuration, as well as access to tools to make administrative changes and tests.

The real advantage of this tool is being able to provide your team with detailed phone configuration and admin features without having to give them full access to the Java based admin tool. The Tech Support Tool can also be securely distributed to Customers or Resellers to perform a select number of operations, and therefore reducing the most common calls such as password reset.

The Tech Support tool provides your support team with some useful tools like the ping and trace route tools, which are commonly available, but is integrated with the Call Test, which uses the M6 PortalSDK to reach out and ring the remote phone. The Change MAC tool allows you to bind a new MAC address to the clients phone.

The main feature is the Service Profile, which retrieves all the available phone configuration from M6 components including the Class 5 configuration and passwords. The profile screen has the ability for your support staff to change the configuration immediately like the assigned Class 5 features, password, language and Caller ID name. In addition, the last 20 calls for the phone are displayed.

The screen is enabled with AJAX and uses the M6 VOISS API to test the remote phone and update the phone status every 30 seconds. This provides you with a real-time view of the phone status as the remote user resets or connects the phone to the network.

tech support tool vdeo