broadsoft myphones

MyPhones is a presence detection application available to users of either the Broadworks or M6 platform. To provide the most flexibility it can also be operated as a web-based application or a windows client.

The MyPhones application has a number of attributes of Microsoft’s instant messenger. In the same manner, you add contacts to your MyPhones and place them in specific groups. It can detect if you are on the phone or available. Your status is visible to members you have set up in your contacts list, which can change by phone usage or your personal override to communicate your are busy or away from your phone.

You have the convenience of operating my phones as either a web application or from a windows client. Both interfaces are linked to the Broadsoft soft switch to detect the changes in user status. From either interface, you can initiate your calls with a simple mouse click on the contact name. Any Broadsoft controlled features such as find-me, follow-me are all supported.

The administration of MyPhones is simple and straight forward. Service providers can set up either interface and have it restricted to a specific partition. Web users can then login and start using it while the client version is a simple download with an installation wizard to help make your configuration settings.

For pricing and more on how MyPhones can benefit your Broadsoft deployment, contact us.

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