The listkeeper module is used to create lists that can be referenced by other site components. Most modules or applications written to integrate into the Drupal framework have dropdown select lists that need to have the dropdown options defined. Often these options need to be site specific or have the option to allow the application admin to easily change the list options. The listkeeper module allows lists to be created and shared by multiple modules.

You may want to create a list of your company departments that can be used as dropdown options in one or many forms. Another module that can use lists is timesaver for timesheet management where you will want to create re-useable lists for locations, projects and tasks.   

key features

List Management: Create and maintain frequently used lists that are used in modules like timesaver and nexflow.

Save Time: Developers can easily use listkeeper APIs to use lists in their applications.

Admin Functions: Each list definition supports having Edit and View access defined to groups. This allows a list to be setup to allow a group of site members to administrate the list and others to only view it.

List Flexibility: The list definition allows you to create a list with any number of fields and each field can be a basic text field or use a function to generate the field options. Example: Field for user name can use a function to create a dropdown list os site users.

Linking Lists: Lists can reference other lists; so for example, you can create a list for office locations and second list for office loaction managers that reference the first list.