With filedepot you can easily create a collaborative environment to share documents, improve content integrity and add versioning control. Anyone who is still using a shared drive facility to retain commonly accessed documents can benefit from deploying filedepot.

The filedepot Document Management module can satisfy your document handling needs with a highly collaborative, easy-to-use system, supporting users in all stages of the document lifecycle. Role based security protects corporate documents for safe access and distribution to internal and external customers.

Quickly set up your online Document Management solution with the perfect balance of features and usability. Stop sending documents that need to be shared via email. Real time visibility to new versions is enhanced through user defined notification services. Automatic version control allows easy access to the latest document while still providing access to the historical versions.

Use the filebuilder desktop application for your filedepot power users which will allow them to fully manage their remote repository and bulk upload files and folders from their desktop. You can easily populate 1000's of files and folders by drag and dropping the folders from your desktop and securely upload them with the power of the batch processing of filebuilder.

Filedepot is an application that we have developed for another open source framework and has matured over a number of years and successfully deployed in numerous accounts. When appropriate, we have provided customization to satisfy the unique requirements of various industries such as Financial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Engineering, Manufacturing and Retail.

For more information and download visit the Drupal Project page.

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key features

Intuitive: A convenient combination of features and modern Web 2.0 design provides the users with the familiar interface to organize and find their files. Cloud Tag and File tagging support to organize and search your files.

Permissions:Flexible permission model allows you to delegate folder administration to other users. Setup, view, download and upload access for selected users or groups. Any combination of permissions can be setup per folder.

Filebuilder - Desktop Client: Optional desktop client to easily upload 100's of files directly to the remote web-based document repository. Simply drag and drop files and they are uploaded.

Index Tags: Document tagging allows users to search the repository by popular tags. Users can easily see what tags have been used and select one of multiple tags to display a filtered view of files in the document repository.

Versioning: Users can upload new versions of files and the newer file will automatically be versioned. Previous versions are still available. Use with the desktop client to perform online editing.

Notifications: Users can selectively receive notification of new files being added or changed. Subscribe to individual file updates or complete folders. File owner can use the Broadcast feature to send out a personalized notification.

Reporting: Convenient reports to view latest files, most recent folders, bookmarked files, locked or un-read files.

Locking Files: Users can flag document as 'locked' to alert users that it is being updated.