Filebuilder Desktop Application

Licensing and download information

The Filebuilder desktop application allows your filedepot users to easily manage the remote document repository and upload 100's or 1000's of files and folders as easily as dragging them from their desktop location to the Filebuilder application window. Even for initially populating the document repository the filebuilder application can save you a lot of time.

You can reorganize the folders and files easily and the changes are kept locally until you initiate the upload changes action from the client and then they are securely sent to the remote Drupal site and fildepot for processing in the background. The real-time progress is shown on the application to the user and any errors such are un-acceptable files are skipped and logged for review.

The filebuilder desktop application is suported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and includes an automatic update feature to keep your licensed version of the application updated.

If this is your first time downloading filebuilder or you are having difficulties, please refer to this page for additional set up and configuration information.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop files from your desktop or the file explorer pane in filebuilder to the pane representing your filedepot online repository. 
  • Easily upload very large files or 100's of files and folders at one time.
  • Ability to add, delete, rename, reorder, and move files and folders easily and efficiently. 
  • Undo and Redo support. 
  • All changes made are immediately saved locally until committed to prevent against data loss.  
  • Supports both SFTP (recommended) and FTP for file upload.
  • All communication between filebuilder and filedepot is securely encrypted. 
  • Support for both Drupal 6.x and 7.x version of the filedepot module.


Filebuilder Overview


Filebuilder Installation and Configuration



  • The latest version of filedepot (7.x-1.x or 6.x-1.x) installed and updated. 
  • The Drupal filebuilder_service module installed. 
  • SFTP or FTP enabled service on your remote server. 
  • Java 7 or later on client machine.
  • PHP mcrpyt and openSSL support on the server.



  • Click here to read about our licensing options.
  • Filebuilder is a licensed, java based product.
  • Please ensure that the appropriate FileDepot version is installed.
  • Selecting the download button will present licensing options as a preview.
  • You do not need a license to run the 30 day evaluation version.
  • Once licensed, you will receive an access key that will unlock any restriction in the version you have downloaded.