broadsoft call logs

The Call Log Reporting application is a web-based application for the Broadsoft M6 that can be easily configured to permit Clients, Resellers and Administrators permission based viewing rights to call records.

A background task operates that would periodically download call records from the M6 to the MySQL DB to control viewing. End user subscribers can have their portal account enabled so they can login and have access to their account call logs using their provisioned phone number and password.

Nextide has developed a background process that polls the M6 Times Ten Database for active call logs every (site defined interval) and updates the call log database for each account. We define an interval for each company and have the ability to run each company update, as a separate process so there will not be 1 single large background task but multiple processes that can be scheduled to run at different intervals.

The Site Admin tool would be used to configure accounts and provide access to the call log tool. The following features are supported:

  • Admin
    • Setup resellers or accounts
    • Polling interval of background call log update
    • Add M6 Company – assume it’s associated with a single M6 Partition
    • M6 Accounts will have access to the online Call Log tool (for this company/partition)
    • Clients will be able to login and setup their service preference
    • Email settings for automated notifications and call log export attachment
    • Option for export frequency: daily, weekly, monthly
    • Clients can do on-demand export and download of call logs as well for any reporting period
    • Online Call log viewer with sort-able heading, date filter and download to excel
    • Establish viewing rights to the aggregated M6 call records for the following 3 levels of users:
  • Client Supervisor
    • Login with M6 account: phone number/password
    • View call logs for all company records
    • Retrieve all accounts for each company partition
  • Reseller
    • Enable remote login for each account
    • Authentication – TBD with the M6 SDKs
    • Retrieve all partitions for the Reseller
    • Enable ‘theme’ setup