kruger products

Kruger Products L.P.

Kruger Products L.P. (KPL) is a Canadian based manufacturer of tissue and paper towel products operating 4 papermaking mills. KPL has adopted the Gate Review Process Methodology to track and report all projects related to product development, research and development, re-branding and re-packaging. The requirement was for a workflow application to automate this process, bring control to the over 500 projects that can be active during a year and provide senior management with production and activity metrics that allows them to accurately maintain control of all product initiatives. The results of automating this application has provided sales with accurate pricing information for new clients, documentation for research claims and provides marketing with early intervention for go/no-go decisions regarding all new products.

Our Role

Initially developed in Lotus, Nextide was selected to redesign the application based on an increasing number and complexity of workflows in the application. Dealing directly with the business stakeholders, our role was to provide all resources for each step from design, development, project management to deployment. The challenges presented by this second iteration of the application was to make it more intuitive and in line with how people worked. In essence it meant also providing a range of features to manage the dynamic routing of tasks, the reclassification of projects as well as all nature of exception handling.

Development was done by providing custom logic on top of the core work automation tools: nexflow, nexform and listkeeper.


  • Web based
  • Sequential and parallel workflows
  • User managed forms
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Task Console controls
  • Real Time monitoring
  • Metrics Reporting