Filebuilder Licensing

You can download a windows version of filebuilder as an evaluation copy from this site and at any time. From when it is activated, you can use the product for 30 days. As an evaluation version you will also be restricted in the number of files you can upload (25), as well as 50 file / folder views per session - Download Now.

License Request
At any point, you may complete the license request form to purchase a full featured version of filebuilder. Evaluation version is MS Windows only.

License Types

Evaluation (Free):

Suitable for evaluation, this license allows you to upload up to 25 files and view 50 files and folders from your repository - active for 30 days. Windows only version available -  Download Now.

Mac Version:

We do not offer a Mac evaluation version at this time. However we do have hundreds of Mac users of Filebuilder. For evaluation please try a windows versions and if that is not an option please review the videos on operation, set up and usage features.



Single User License ($100):

Full featured version for one user. Receive automatic updates and unrestricted access to all features - Windows and Mac available.

Site-Wide License ($1500):

Full featured version for up to 100 users. Receive automatic updates and unrestricted access to all features - Windows and Mac version available.

Once you have completed the license request form, a PayPal invoice will be generated. Once paid, you will be emailed the appropriate activation keys for each license purchased. The activation key will eliminate any restrictions on your downloaded version.

The downloaded evaluation version is for windows only. For Mac users purchasing a license, we will send you the installation files along with installation instructions.