We can improve the experience and productivity of work teams by leveraging our extensive knowledge of portals, shared documents, security controls, work flows and best practices.

Our development team has been creating collaborative applications across a variety of industries for the past 10 years. Our experience has been earned through mapping how people work today understanding how productivity gains can be realized. While most organizations are quick to adopt the use of personal productivity aids they often fall short of integrating team based tasks and objectives.

At Nextide, we have contributed a number of collaborative tools to the open source community and have also used these tools to help build applications that improve how people work together. Our experience allows us to identify the appropriate mix of collaboration tools along with existing applications to envision how productivity gains can be achieved. The use of open source tools enables us to accomplish these results in a fraction of the time and cost of commercial solutions. Areas for collaboration include:

  • Portals
  • Secure Data Shares
  • Document Management
  • Work Flows
  • Presence Detection and Messaging
  • Shared Worksheets