cms/social networking

Our clients want more than just content on their sites and appreciate that to keep visitors coming back that they need to be adding features that range from self service to information portals. Nextide has worked with multiple CMS solutions and open source frameworks and has found Drupal to be the most flexible and capable solution. Drupal has been our platform of choice since 2009 and we are proud to be active contributors in the drupal community.

We have the experience and track record to assist in all phases of site design through to production. We have developed sites from the simplest to interactive sites with 10’s of thousands of registered users. We are adaptable in our roles where we have been the sole contractor to a niche feature provider.

In any case, our approach begins with helping our clients to articulate their objectives for the site and contribute to the strategies that will ultimately make it a success. Our expertise in custom development enables us to create site uniqueness, while our expertise in open source platforms allows us to integrate and reuse existing libraries to reduce effort and cost.

Nearly all our sites have some level of CMS built in to ensure sustainability and freshness of content. Incorporating public social networking services, local blogs, corporate chat lines, and exchanges are all contribute to keeping site visitors engaged if done correctly. Areas that we typically participate in are:

  • Objectives, complete with metrics
  • Site strategy, design and architecture
  • Content and presentation strategy
  • Technical requirements for: performance, scalability, and optimization
  • Operational requirements for : security, authentication and statistics
  • Site creation and content presentation